Friday, November 20, 2009

Former teen idol Kirk Cameron is on a crusade to debunk evolution.

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  1. I am amazed how it is assumed that if I believe in evolution that I don't believe in God. That is not true. Why can't God be credited for creating the earth and heavens by putting things in the correct order/combinations? If God let's thing run their course and not save a devoted, innocent, practicing christian when they come down with a fatal disease or is in the path of a catastrophe (like Katrina), then why is it assumed that he wouldn't let natural selection take place? The Bible is not always literal and why couldn't we believe that the "6th day" when God created man, that he did intervene with the animal kingdom and introduce man? Is it so hard to believe dinosaurs and other creatures where here before man and that animals and man have evolved over the years? If that is not the case, then which "man" was created in his own image? There are so many different types. Did God look like a European, an Arab, an African, a Mexican or an Asian? We all have different colors, sizes, facial features and hair. Did God create each one at the same time or did they evolve from the original Adam and Eve because of their environment?