Monday, December 7, 2009

'SNL' Lampoons Alleged Violence in Tiger Woods' Marriage

Rihanna was the guest musician on the latest episode of 'Saturday Night Live,' and while her hilarious appearance in a digital short with Andy Samberg was a highlight of our week, it was another sketch that gave us pause. Host Blake Lively played Elin Woods in a segment lampooning the model's marriage to scandalized golfer Tiger Woods. The skit focused on allegations that Elin beat her husband with a golf club after learning of his infidelity.

We think, had the genders been reversed, 'SNL' wouldn't make light of the potentially violent situation - and with Rihanna on board, we wonder if a domestic violence gag was in especially poor taste.

In the sketch, Kenan Thompson (as Tiger Woods) appears bruised and battered while Blake Lively wields a golf club. Thompson says, "Right after my last press conference, I was in my home, having a chat with my lovely and deceptively strong wife Elin. I guess I wasn't looking where I was going and I fell down the stairs. I was disoriented from the fall, so I stumbled to the other side of the house and I launched myself through a plate glass window."

"Ja, says Lively, "this is what happened."

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