Thursday, December 10, 2009

Woman Sues Burger King For Texts About Shakes and Whoppers

Ah, the American legal system, affording every red-blooded citizen the right to sue every other red-blooded citizen for the most inane reasons. According to the Miami New Times, Florida woman Elizabeth Espinal filed a lawsuit in April against Burger King, alleging the fast-food giant flooded her inbox with spam text messages. She claims the texts, which were first received in April 2008, caused her "actual harm," and she wants $5 million for her troubles. While annoying, the texts hardly seem injuring. Miami New Times News reports one read, "Kick it up a notch with a loaded steakhouse burger. Try one today at BK." Another encouraged the woman to try a drink, "Stop by BK for a refreshing Mocha BK Joe Iced Coffee. A perfect mix of rich coffee and chocolate syrup." While text message spam may be slightly more obnoxious than similar messages flooding e-mail inboxes, suing seems rather extreme, especially with other options at this woman's text-phobic fingertips.
To avoid these kinds of texts (and unnecessary lawsuits), sign up for a do-not-call list orcontact your service provider to block the number. Or just refrain from giving fast-food chains your cell number.

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