Friday, January 29, 2010

India to Launch into Orbit in 2016?

A rocket blasts off from a space centr in Sriharikota, India, in April 2009
An Indian rocket blasts off in April 2009. India is trying to catch its space program up with China's, which sent its first astronauts into space in 2003.
India is reaching for new heights, announcing Thursday that it plans to put two astronauts into orbit around the Earth in 2016.

The mission will last seven days "in the Earth's lower orbit" and will cost $2.6 billion, a government space program official, K. Radhakrishnan, told reporters in Bangalore.

Now I don't mean to sound cynical but shouldn't the government of India lets say use those billions of dollars to help the poor and unfortunate people living in squaller and shanty towns? I mean come on, I understand a country wanting to reach for new heights but when a great portion of your people are living in terrible conditions with shanty homes and lack of proper sanitation you'd think that the bigger picture would revolve around bringing up the standard of living for your citizens. So here's a news flash to India, "You're people are starving and living in squaller - FIRST raise the standard of living in your country and THEN and only THEN can or should you think about going into space!"

Thank you India for letting us see that the world is still full of stupidity!

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