Thursday, January 21, 2010

Men, Look 10 lbs. Lighter!

Hey, you! Prince Charming! Your time is now. Sure you've got the winning personality, but maybe things just aren't shaping-out right for you. You look around and think, it's not only women who have a desire to keep their less flattering bulges under wraps. You also want to look your most slim; your most fit. You also do not want that bit of extra weight detracting from your most treasured trait--whether that be your devil-may-care smile or your chiseled jaw line. You care about your physique, too! Of course, we all know by now that the best way to take care of extra poundage is proper diet and exercise. But, until the day you finally reach your goal size through all that time and effort, you could always give yourself a 10-lb. advantage with some slimming style...

That's right. It is possible to create the illusion of a slimmer you through your choice in clothing. Take these tips to heart, use the weekend to go out on a brotherly shopping spree with your buddies who also think they could stand a lose a few, and pick-up of some of these sure-fire slimmers! You'll be having your coworkers asking you if you've been working out (assuming you haven't) even before the coffee huddle is over, come Monday morn'. How could you lose?

Speedy Slimmer: Crease-Proof, Tailored Blazer or Suit Jacket
These are great because they can help to hide your generous booty and/or gut. Also, left unbuttoned, it will create a vertical line to your handsome face, drawing people's attention there, instead. The "tailored" aspect is important, as well, because there won't be any excess material adding to your figure. And, of course, the fewer creases, the lesser the visual betrayal of an issue with fit. The casual fella on the right is sporting a Banana Republic Tailored Pinstripe Three-Button Blazer in Navy for $150. See more options here.

Speedy Slimmer: Shapewear
This is the most obvious solution. Shapewear for men will hold you together so you don't have to make the extra effort to suck-in and puff out your chest every time a cutie walks by. It'll also contour your body to give you that tighter look. The superhero-looking guy at right is wearing RIPT FUSION: Firm Control Shapewear Crew Neck T-Shirtfor $58. See our larger selection here.

Speedy Slimmer: Dark Colors
Male or female, dark colors are always a winner, with black serving as the king to that winning crowd. Wearing colors like navy, charcoal gray, chocolate brown, dark green, and black will smooth out your bulges and thus, your silhouette. Also, dressing as closely to monochromatic as possible will slim your form, as well. You can incorporate pops of color, if you wish, in your layering. The confident chap on the left is wearing a Lacoste Men's Long Sleeve Cotton V-Neck Sweater in Black for $135. It also comes in navy! Find more dark sweaters here.

Speedy Slimmer: Well-Fitting Pants with Belt
Well-fitting pants that sit on your natural waistline, and are loose enough to drape, will do the trick. The belt, buckled just enough, will hold your pants comfortably in place and will help to define your waist. Just make sure it is not cutting into your gut, or it will be obvious what's going on there. Always classy are finds from the Jos. A. Banks collection. At left is the Wool/Cashmere Plain Front Trouser, Available in 9 Colors and on sale for $79. See other pants here. Check out dress belts here.

Speedy Slimmer: Light-Weight Fabrics
Easy. Cutting-down on your clothing's bulk, will cut-down on your overall bulk. Find some light-weight clothing here.

Speedy Slimmer: Long Sleeves
The shorter the sleeve, the more your middle will stand out. Make sure your sleeves are just long enough to cover the base of your hand, when your arms are resting at your sides. Also make sure that they are fitted closely to your arms, to avoid an unflattering baggy effect. The active-lifestyle businessman at right is wearing a Zorrel Men's Stanford Long Sleeve End-on-End Dress Shirt in Grey for $29.24. Browse through other dress shirts here.

Speedy Slimmer: Vertical Stripes
Now, I'm not talking Beetle Juice-style stripes. The focus is more on pinstripes. Subtlety is paramount. Vertical pinstripes will elongate you, whereas horizontals and diagonal patterning will bring your look closer to "short 'n stout"--yes, like the teapot. Mr. Smiles at left is sporting a Cotton Pinstripe Ludlow Two-Button Suit Jacket in Navy from J. Crew, on sale for $119.99. Take a look at other pinstripe suit jackets here.

Speedy Slimmer: Vests
Here's a great way to conceal your middle. Shy away from baggy fits that will add bulk, and make sure the vest is not screaming at the seams, or you'll be alerting people to that region. This L. L. Bean Shetland Wool Cable Vest in Heather, on sale for $29.99, also comes in a deep green, brown, port wine, and blue color. All colors that are rich and dark and great for slimming. The vertical cable design also will help to elongate your body. See other sweater vests here.

Speedy Slimmer: Conservative-Width Ties
If you're of heavier proportions, skinny ties (about 3" or 3.25" across) will really emphasize that fact. Skinny ties can also make your face/head look bloated/inflated. And, while wider ties add to a man's apparent confidence, overdoing it is also just overemphasizing your larger size. Choose something more conservative, and it'll compliment and flatter you. At left is the Necktie Emporium Men's Woven Green Tie for $12.80. Search for more ties here.

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