Monday, January 18, 2010

Robert Pattinson As Spider-Man?

Bats are sexy. Spiders: even sexier! According to OK! Weekly,Robert Pattinson is in talks to take over the Spider-Man tights in the wall crawler's movie franchise reboot! After three hit movies withTobey Maguire slinging through New York City, Sony is restarting the franchise, with a focus on Peter Parker's awkward high school years. Now, of course, OK! often makes things up faster than Stephenie Meyer with a book deadline, but still, it's fun to think about! Trading in the trench coat and woods for the blue and red and big city, we could totally see it working!

Plus, Rob has experience as a superhero leading man type already (heck, Edward Cullen probs could take Spidey in a fight).

Let's just hope he comes slinging to our neck of the woods. Send this to your friends and sign the petition if you want to see RPattz as Spider-Man (only after he completes the Twilight Saga, natch).

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