Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some Train Riders Can Be Annoying...

Ok so here's one. She has this look most days and heaven forbid if you talk to your friends she gets all kinds of upset and then grunts, shakes her head, and gives you looks as she rolls her eyes. Now excuse me if I'm wrong but we all paid to ride on this train so we should be allowed to speak to one another while traveling to work. Especially so when we are not yelling.

But this one is a hypocrite. There have been several times where she has had full on conversations with her friends, speaking LOUDER than me or my friends ever do when conversing on the train. Just yesterday she was yapping it up with a fellow passenger whilst I was watching a movie on my iPhone 3GS (shameless plug) and it was loud enough that I could hear the whole conversation but did I roll my eyes, grunt, shake my head or (gasp) get up out of my seat and search for another? NO!

The moral of this story is simple, we all pay to take the train to work but some train riders can be so damn annoying and self centered. And ps; don't trust the ones with their headphones on and looking as if they are sleeping. Chances are they are like our friend here and not sleeping and listening in to your full conversation!

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