Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taylor Lautner - "Want's to follow in the footsteps of Tom Cruise..."

In addition to “The Twilight Saga,” Taylor Lautner has a slew of high profile projects in the works – “Stretch Armstrong” and “Abduction” – and the actor says he’s hoping to develop a lasting career on the big screen like another one of Hollywood’s leading men.

“[The] Tom Cruise model,” he told GQ in its July issue when asked about whose career he’d like to emulate.

Despite his success with “Twilight,” the 18-year-old star said he doesn’t think about box office totals while he works.

“I can’t get caught up in that,” he told the mag. “If I start thinking, ‘Is this movie going to open? Is this movie going to do well?’ I’m not focusing on the job. The job is to make a good movie.”

Taylor might be an adult now – he turned 18 in February – and arguably Hollywood’s biggest teen star, but the actor still prefers living a fairly simple life in his family’s home in Valencia, Calif., just north of LA.

“The thing I love is that my home life hasn’t changed,” he explained. “I still help out with the garbage. I still help out with the lawn.”

His home life might be same, but Taylor’s stardom appears to have changed his hometown.

“There’s some things you just have to live with,” the actor told the mag. “Like 12 cars camping outside your house, and when you wake up in the morning, they’re going to follow you wherever you go. It helps that I live in Valencia. It eliminates some. But they’re still here.”

Taylor’s newest movie, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” opens in theaters on June 30.

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