Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boy Receives Bionic Hand

An 18-year-old boy is grasping a whole new set of possibilities thanks to a bionic hand. 'Today' health expert Dr. Nancy Snyderman follows the story of Michael Waldron, who was born with a congenital malformation that left him with only a thumb on his right hand. "From playing in the orchestra to starting for his high school lacrosse team, Michael has taken his birth defect and learned how to adapt," explains Snyderman.

Sounds like something out of the Bionic Man or Woman television show of the 70's.

Now, with the help of incredible new technology, Michael is adapting to having the use of all five fingers on his right hand. Footage shows Michael carefully pouring a glass of water and drinking it with his new hand. "Little things that many of us take for granted, Michael is learning for the first time," Nancy reports. Two weeks after receiving the prosthesis, Michael graduated high school, literally holding the diploma in the new hand.

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