Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MTA mulling plan to hike cost of unlimited monthly MetroCard by $15

The MTA is considering a plan to hike the cost of an unlimited monthly MetroCard by a whopping $15, sources confirmed Monday.

If the budget proposal is adopted, riders would have to fork over $104 in January instead of the current $89 fare, but the number of rides would not be capped.

The option is one of two being considered by the MTA to raise revenue by 7.5% overall. An earlier proposal would increase the cost of a 30-day MetroCard by only $10 to $99, but would limit the number of rides to 90. The authority is expected to hold public hearings to get feedback about both plans.

Sources familiar with both the $99 plan and the $104 option - first reported by WABC-TV - noted that the $99 proposal would be of greater benefit to most commuters, since only a small percentage of unlimited card holders take more than 90 rides per month.

Hey MTA here's an idea - how about you MAKE your employees pay for their Metro Cards & Metro North Cards and stop giving it as a perk until you can get your budget under control. It's time for sacrifices and WE should not be paying for the failure of the MTA to run it business properly.

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