Friday, August 13, 2010

Obama signs $600M border security bill into law

Do you feel secure in your home? While you may feel somewhat secure there are many who live in the border states of the US that do not. Why? Because our nations borders have become a free-for-all. In many areas all that stops one from entering the US is a tattered fence - if that. So bad is the problem that one town in Texas has illegals cropping through the town every night and residents have been told by the Sheriff to carry a firearm if need be. And yet we spend millions of dollars each and every day in a needless war in Iraq and sending our troops to Afghanistan when in fact we should be securing our nations borders. We're beginning to look more and more like the Roman Empire every day.

President Barack Obama on Friday signed into law a $600 million measure that will put more agents and equipment along the Mexican border.

Obama signed the bill in the Oval Office alongside Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. It will pay for the hiring of 1,000 new Border Patrol agents to be deployed at critical areas along the border, as well as more Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. It also provides for new communications equipment and greater use of unmanned surveillance drones.
Some Republicans, including Arizona Sen. John McCain, say that while the legislation is a start, it falls short by not dramatically increasing the number of customs inspectors along the border and not funding a program that charges illegal immigrants with low-level crimes.

Arizona has been at the epicenter of the border security debate because of its new law directing law enforcement officers to be more aggressive in seeking out illegal immigrants. Although a federal judge has since struck down some of the law's major provisions, it remains a rallying cry for those who say Washington has lost control of the border

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