Friday, September 24, 2010

Drug Cartel Wanted To Kill Danielle Staub - Really? ...

Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about former 'Real Housewife' Danielle Staub – it really doesn't get much more informative than a sex tape, does it? – along comes testimony that Pablo Escobar's Medellin drug cartel put a hit on her back in the 1980s. You read that right, folks. Pablo Escobar. A hit. Danielle Staub.

It seems that our friend Danielle used to run with a rather tough crowd. According to, long before her 'Housewife' days, Danielle was living in Miami, working as a prostitute and went by the name Angela Minelli. She fell into the world of drugs, and soon sought out opportunities to sell them to make some quick cash. But when $100,000 worth of cocaine was stolen during a deal, Staub quite literally found herself in Escobar's crosshairs.

The startling revelations came out during testimony in a deposition in a slander suit against the star filed by her ex-husband, Kevin Maher. Daniel Aguilar, who was an "enforcer" for the Medellin cartel in Miami, revealed under oath that Stuab came to him and said, "I have this guy and he wants to buy big weight ... four kilos of cocaine."

In court documents, Aguilar claims that he and Staub were "intimate friends" and that "she would do her drugs ... and sometimes I'd wonder was she hanging out for the drugs, which most girls back then did." He also claims to have witnessed Staub smoking marijuana "sprinkled" with cocaine "more than 50 or 100 times."

Aguilar, who went on to spend nine years in federal prison for extortion and drug-related charges, introduced Staub to people affiliated with the Medellin cartel after she inquired about dealing. She quickly found herself in hot water, however, when her drug transaction went off the rails and $100,000 worth of cocaine came up missing. Staub claimed she'd been "ripped off," but that wasn't excuse enough for the Medellin cartel.

"Even my men were saying, 'We should just kill her. Get her out of the way. She's nothing but a prostitute and a b**ch,'" Aguilar said in his testimony. But Aguilar was on Staub's side and pleaded with the drug lords to let him "find out what happened here."

"I cared about this woman at the time and I believed her at this point," he continued. "I didn't want her life to end."

Luckily for Staub, the FBI was already on the case. They arrested Aguilar and entered into a plea deal with Staub. In exchange for her testimony, she was given five years probation and mandatory cocaine testing but never spent any time behind bars.

For his part, Aguilar thought for some time that the cartel had caught up with Staub. "I was told by my people that she was dead," Aguilar said in the deposition. "[I was told] she's flipping and turned federal witness ... that's when my people wanted her dead; they had called me weak for letting her live ... they told me, we should have had her dead to begin with."

Her disappearance was instead, thankfully, part of a federal witness protection deal. And Aguilar can't understand why his former friend decided to resurface in such a public way: "Ain't nobody that stupid enough to make themselves publicly known after doing what they did," he said of Staub.

While the details are not clear, Aguilar alleges he paid the $100,000 to save her life after the failed drug deal, and is now attempting to get the money back.

Aguilar appeared in court as a witness for Kevin Maher, Staub's ex, who is suing the reality star for $5 million over her accusations that he raped her on broken glass and hanged her dog. He denies the allegations.

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