Monday, September 27, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs Sesame Street

Snooki and her 'Jersey Shore' pals recently dropped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' for a very good cause: to spoof the wholesome PBS kids' series that gave Katy Perry the boot this week after she wore an overly sexy frock during a duet with Elmo (like the singer whose bra squirts whipped cream would wear an Irish sweater for a TV appearance? She's a Snooki fan, by the way!). It's not usually advisable to go after a show that simply wants children to learn reading, counting, and neighborly goodwill, but who said Jimmy Kimmel likes to do anything advisable?

Long after the 'Sesame Street' demo's bedtime, Kimmel aired his clip of 'Sesame Shore,' which included important life lessons for kids about beer bongs, hot-tub birth control and counting to six on The Situation's abs. Check it out here.

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