Monday, October 4, 2010

Levi Johnston - He's baaaaack!

Talk about 15 minutes of fame going on way to long. Levi Johnston is at it again. Guess he couldn't get a Dancing with The Stars gig like Bristol Palin so he's had to fall back on the only thing he has and that's - ah yeah actually what does he have? Nothing! Had he not been the baby daddy to Bristol's child he's be a nobody.

While his ex fiancée dances with Mark Ballas, Levi Johnston has climbed into bed with Brittani Senser.

A shirtless Johnston is straddled in bed by the curvaceous R&B singer with whom he also makes out in her new music video, "After Love," the title song off her debut album.

So without further commentary I give you Levi's music video

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