Saturday, October 9, 2010

NY COMIC CON - Robot Chicken Panel

MC Keith Crofford introduces Seth Green, Clare Grant, Matthew Senreich and Macaulay Culkin (from right) for a Robot Chicken Panel at New York Comic Con 2010 at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. We are treated to a clipfest of skits from the upcoming Christmas and Star Wars III specials as well as Season Five. Then the floor is opened to questions. Part 1 topics include Robot Chicken Twilight, autograph misspellings, career perspectives, Robot Chicken Star Wars prequels and Marvel vs DC skits. Note: The video quality improves after the lights come back.

Part 2 topics include video game parodies, Macauley's brother, Robot Chicken Buffy, Mass Effect, bloopers, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek opera, favorite sketches, Zac Efron, Macauley's career and working in shadows.

Part 3 topics include DNA samples, Party Monster 2, Control TV, Robot Chicken Avatar, Titan Maximum, Voltron rap music legalities and attention deficit disorder. I ask the question about Control TV.

Part 4 topics include Stoopid Monkey, obscure sketches, animation inspiration, upcoming projects, Greg the Bunny, Stevie Wonder and Jersey Shore.

Part 5 topics include The Good Son 2, ruining childhoods, Breckin Meyer, Robot Chicken Skate Party, parody permissions, Robot Chicken premise, 100th episode, Mass Effect reprisals and Macauley's possible comeback.

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