Monday, October 17, 2011

Why The IGN Theater Is A Science: Dalin’s Quick Review of Saturday’s Big Panels.

Often, many people are always curious why conventions get so overly populated. Well when you have New York Comic Con for instance, it’s one of the very few instances where East Coast nerds of all kinds can experience what the California nerds take for granted. Celebrities come in droves, previews of new movies come out months in advance, and we get free swag (nerds love free swag!) So when it came to this past year’s edition of panels for the biggest room in the con, the IGN Theater, it was nothing short of spectacular, especially in the case of Saturday’s schedule.

            I entered the room during the late morning, and my first panel to experience was that of a silly sort: A Liars Autobiography, a new documentary about the life of Graham Chapman, a key player in Monty Python’s famous legacy. Featuring hilarious clips, sandwich boards of things to look forward to in the movie (Racy, Raunchy, and Rude!), the highlight was an moment of audience participation, where the entire room sang a few lines from one of the new Monty Python approved songs in the documentary (about a certain love of sitting near a person’s head, if you get my drift.)

            Next was the Nikita TV series panel. But to be honest, other then the childlike giggle middle school girl grin I got from seeing Shane West, it otherwise was a bore since the series is nothing of my interest, as is with anything on the CW. Showed the usual next season preview, and gave some new twists for fans of the show. But by the looks of the crowd there weren’t that many fans present, but the stars were as nice as they could be in the situation.

            The came Sony Pictures panel, where we were handed 3D glasses (one of the only times you will be given these suckers for free when near a screen. Told you about that free swag!) The first clip was a surprise, a rough-cut trailer of the Total Recall remake with Collin Ferrell. Visuals were impressive, but not much else. Next was a small Q&A with the directors of the new Ghost Rider: Spirit with a Vengeance, which unlike the original looked more ridiculous and promising for my weird tastes. A featurette was shown of how the film was shot, which really was very interesting and made me want to pick up a camera and lay on a skateboard to get a new angle myself. Finally, another preview for Spiderman was shown, but truly nothing special other then what we had previously seen in the trailers.

            Then it was time for The Walking Dead panel, a huge crowd favorite. The majority of the cast came out, along with creator Robert Kirkman and other members of the crew. An extended preview of the first episode was shown, which really got the crowd pumping beyond belief. Definitely was a highlight of the convention for many of the other con goers that were in the room. But the panel that of course would steel the show would come next? Especially when you have Tom Hiddelston singing a line from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

            So was staying in the IGN Theater for over 7 hours worth it? A hundred and fifty percent yes, even though my stomach thought otherwise. 2012 will be a very similar plan of action for me, but this time I will have a batch of Luna Bars in hand. Bring it on New York Comic Con, I am going to be ready for the epic! 

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