Thursday, December 3, 2009

Casting the (Intevitable) Tiger Woods Made-for-TV Movie

Much like any massive and dramatic news story nowadays, we're guessing the Tiger Woods sex affair scandal is sure to wind up as a (likely terrible) made-for-TV movie (we're thinking ESPN or Spike) at some point. So, rather than sit around and wait for it to actually get made, the PopEater crew went ahead and picked the cast to expedite the whole process. Wasn't that nice of us? So, after the jump, see who we picked to play Tiger, Elin, and all of the other ladies involved.

Tiger Woods
Role in Scandal: Famous golfer; alleged cheater
Who We Picked: Donald Faison
What He's Been In: 'Scrubs,' 'Clueless'
Why We Picked Him: Faison has always done comedy acting in the past, so we'd love to see what he can do with a serious, understated personality like that of Tiger.

Elin Nordegren
Role in Scandal: Swedish model; Tiger's wife
Who We Picked: Amy Smart
What She's Been In: 'Road Trip,' 'Crank'
Why We Picked Her:Simply put, few actresses (or humans) could be as beautiful as Tiger's supermodel wife ... but we think Amy comes pretty darn close. Her facial features are scarily similar to Elin's and her hair wouldn't require a whole lot of bleaching to get that Swedish look. Start sizing up those bikinis, Amy!

Rachel Uchitel
Role in Scandal: Alleged Mistress # 1
Who We Picked: Audrina Patridge
What She's Been In: 'The Hills,' 'Sorority Row'
Why We Picked Her: The aviator shades, the long brunette locks ... visually, Audrina seems like the dead-on choice to play the woman who started Tiger-gate. Another acting class or two, and we think this could be Emmy-worthy!

Jaimee Grubbs
Role in Scandal: Alleged Mistress # 2
Who We Picked: Rachel Bilson
What She's Been In: 'The O.C.,' 'Jumper'
Why We Picked Her:Rachel Bilson doesn't get enough work in our eyes. She's gorgeous in that unsuspected way that very few people have, and judging from what we've seen of Miss Grubbs, they share similarly puffy lips.

Kalika Moquin
Role in Scandal: Alleged Mistress # 3
Who We Picked: Minka Kelly
What She's Been In: 'Friday Night Lights,' '(500) Days of Summer'
Why We Picked Her: Sure, there's visual similarities, but the truth is that Miss Kelly has won our hearts as Lyla Garrity on 'FNL,' and we think more people should have the gift of Minka in their lives.

Gloria Allred
Role in Scandal: Lawyer to Rachel Uchitel
Who We Picked: Tina Fey
What She's Been In: 'SNL,' '30 Rock,' 'Mean Girls'
Why We Picked Her: As the world saw with Tina's flawless Sarah Palin impression during last year's election, the lady can sport a mean suit-jacket. Judging by her comedic chops that we've seen, we think she could pull off the caricature-esque methodology and stylings of Allred's career.

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