Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dead Azz Wrong!

We've all seen them - days when you are just walking and minding your own business and out of nowhere comes something that is just SO dead azz wrong! That's right I said dead AZZ wrong. Let me share some of these things with you.

I can't even say nothing...smh


..that's how many kids she got given that childbirth stomach that's hanging all out and shyt! I mean really... don't she feel the breeze whissalin cross that joint? Smh..women are SAD..

Is she fa'real though? S-H-A-Y? Seriously?? Girl bye!



This is why we'll never progress as a people! These hoes got kit.katt & in they dayum hair! Woooooo black women I swear foe gawd I try real hard to love y'all azzes!!! Uh uh uh
I can't!!!!!!

Lawd geezuz the lil brown baby.. I can't!! One speed bump or pothole and it's O-VAH!!
Whose son is this cuz he need to be beat!! He lookin at the cam like "What bitches?!?" CTFU!
Lawd have mercy!!! When is this shyt gonna end though?? Dayum!! Po buttafly *sad face*
Ohhhhh I want Jesus to come along and drop kick this bytch!! WTF!?! You carry dogs, lipgloss, tampons and bullshyt in ya purse not no pretty lil brown baby. Wooooooo I swear!!! Y'all know how I feel bout the lil brown babies *deep heavy laden sigh*.. my lil spirit all too pieces..
*bowed head* "Father God, I just want to say Thank You!! I'm so glad You saw fit not to give me such a burden as this! *shew* I will forever be indebted to You and I praise You all the days of my life! Your child, Durt!!"

Wooo I don't know why this cracked me up but it did!! She peeking round the corner like "boo!".. Sum'n bout her color throwing me off too..She looks baked fresh out the oven... like her liver ain't functioning right.. uh uh uh!

What in the azz??? Literally!! People be on some other shyt cuz how is this cute? And you know her crack and everythang related to it on fire from that tight azz denim! No ma'am!

This better be photoshopped!! *still staring* I am rendered speechless!!!

Whose uncle is this? LOL!! I'm real mad he ashy as hell with that thirsty azz jheri curl!
CTFU!! Whose son is this?? And wtf is going on with the back of his head? Them lil swoop curls in the front done made my day! Wooo!! He is too much for me! I see you Dexter!
Whose lips are these? I mean the lips and gums the same color! Wtf??!! Teeth whitening my azz!

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