Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wyclef To Run for President of Haiti?

Just what Haiti needs a musician with little to no political experience as President. But heck, it's happened in the US why should Haiti be any different.

Musician Wyclef Jean is set to announce his candidacy for president of Haiti this Thursday on CNN's 'Larry King Live,' a source close to the singer told CNN Tuesday. And the former head of Haiti's Chamber of Deputies confirmed the move, telling the Associated Press that Jean will soon announce his run for president.

Jean's rep wouldn't confirm the reports but did acknowledge the singer will be making an announcement Thursday. She wouldn't comment on what Jean will discuss at that time.

It's been speculated for months that the hip hop artist would run for president--Jean even released a song titled 'If I Was President.' And though the singer's never confirmed the rumors, he's never denied them either.

Jean, 37, was born in Haiti but left soon after and was raised in Brooklyn, New York. The singer is a popular figure in Haiti nonetheless; his music and charity work after the devastating January 12 earthquake has made him a favorite among many locals.

To run for president, Jean must prove he's resided in Haiti for five consecutive years, that he owns property in the country and that he has no other citizenship but Haitian.

All candidates must register with the country's electoral council by this Saturday and so far, Jean hasn't filed his bid yet.

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