Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cranky Lady on the Metro North & The Harlem 125th Street Stop

Well talk about a day that gets your blood boiling early on. Today was that day for me. This lady on the train who missed her stop at Harlem 125th Street goes on and on about how I made her miss her stop to anyone and everyone who will listen. Now normally I would have just brushed it off but I hadn't even had my morning coffee this morning so she was definitely going to get hers.

Let me take you through this journey. I get up to stand at Yankees 153rd Street - you know the new station that's attached to the over priced Yankees Stadium. Well anyways, I get up to stand at that point nearly every day because it's only one more station stops until Grand Central and I like to stretch my legs and perhaps even offer my seat up to someone who may have been standing. We get to Harlem 125th Street and as usual the door opens and anyone who was to get out can get out. But not Conchita (that's what I've named her) she just stands behind me and doesn't move. Mind you I'm not blocking the way or anything but to hear her tell it later you'd think I was guilty of holding her back at gun point.

So the door closes AND THEN she springs into action "Oh Oh the doors are closing" (yeah they normally do after opening and letting people off - we got a rocket scientist here) she says and then jets for the door as it is closing. She doesn't make it and a fellow passenger tells her to "press the button" well she presses the wrong button for the intercom and NOT to stop the train. (see this is why one should speak and read ENGLISH because had she understood she could of pushed the right button) The doors close an we are on our way to Grand Central. This is when Conchita decides to try and use me as the object of her hatred for the mistake SHE made.

She goes on and on about how I was in her way. "Really!?" I say - "I was in YOUR way? I was off to the side here AND would have moved had you said excuse me or you could of just gone around". Well at that she gives me a look that could of stopped time. I guess Conchita is not used to being questioned. So I continued "Yeah you could have gone around and made your stop..." But Conchita would have more to say. She started in trying to get everyone to pity her which might have worked had she not begun to through racial and gender based slurs at me.

In the current climate of bullying and people being attacked for their sexual orientation, Conchita had just stepped in the poo so-to-speak and was loosing credibility faster than Carl Paladino. It was obvious to me that this woman was a bigot of the worst kind. So when we arrived at Grand Central I made a point to say when the doors opened "Ok everyone put one foot in front of the other and WALK - look, and we're walking... we're walking..."

Conchita most certainly didn't like that someone had stood up to her in her attempt to place the blame of her own mistakes on them. And now she was looking to make her last stand. Too bad for her because it wasn't much of a stand at all. She looks back at me as we are going up the ramp and says "You know what your problem is... you know what your problem is... You're a faggot... a faggot!"

Hmmm, Really!? Is that the best you can do? I thought to myself. And yet it was sad that in this day and age people feel the need to go there. In a climate where people bully people because they are different or because of their sexual preference Conchita sure did show her true colors and they were shining through. It wasn't for me that felt bad but for the fellow lady train rider walking behind me because I could see first hand what she goes through because she IS gay. Her disgust was written all over her face at what Conchita had said and I had to second that emotion. A person should not be judged based on their sex, religion, creed or sexual orientation and this is something that Conchita could take a lesson in.

Sadly to say Conchita will probably go on and be an ass to people for years to come but for Conchita I've included this picture above - it's of the Harlem - 125th Station stop. The next time you see it be sure to get off at it and if the spirt moves you JUMP!

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