Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Antoine Dodson Performing At The 2010 Bet Hiphop Awards

Antoine Dodson of 'Bed Intruder' fame made his live debut on Tuesday's telecast of the BET Hip Hop Awards, and we must confess, the guy can actually carry a tune! Dodson, whose odd and unintentionally hilarious interview to an Alabama news crew over the summer was turned into a catchy song by a family of Brooklyn hipsters, delighted the adoring audience with an abbreviated version of the track.

Wearing his familiar red bandanna and a frame-hugging ensemble, the grinning Dodson was accompanied by one of the song's composers, Michael Gregory of the Gregory Brothers. The crowd absolutely lost it when the Huntsville native hit the stage, and the camera caught several stars singing and dancing along.

Later, he told that he wasn't looking to be on the show, but couldn't resist.

"I am not desperate at all. I don't call people and say, 'Hey, I want to be on your show.' They reached out to me and said, 'You are the hot topic right now, so we want you to be on the show.'"

By now, you're probably familiar with the little news report that could -- an intruder broke into a Huntsville, Alabama, home, climbed into bed with a resident and tried to assault her before making a swift, if clumsy, getaway. A local news station interviewed the victim and her brother, Antoine, who gave a now classic warning to the intruder and advised locals to "Hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband, too."

The clip found its way to YouTube, where it took off at viral speed, catching the attention of The Gregory Brothers, who saw potential in Dodson's words and soon applied their catchy, auto-tuned vision to the rant. Already a name in the YouTube world with their popular web-series Auto-tune the News, the Gregory Brothers' 'Bed Intruder Song' is now a hit on iTunes and has charted on Billboard.

The song has garnered over 31 million views on YouTube and sold more than 100,000 downloads on iTunes, where it reached No. 3 on the R&B chart, leading it to the 89th slot on the Billboard Hot 100. The Gregory Brothers are sharing all profits from the song with Dodson, who hopes his new-found celebrity status could be his family's ticket out of the projects.

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