Friday, October 1, 2010

Obama-Clinton ticket a possibility for 2010?

Now if you ask me this is something that should have been the case straight out the gates. Why Obama didn't choose Hilary who has WAY more experience than him on not only political affairs of state but in the White House in general is beyond me.

Midterm elections are just 32 days away, but many are already talking about the presidential race in 2012.

Former Bush White House chief of staff Andy Card had a few predictions for how the race may shake out - including a possible President Obama-Hillary Clinton ticket.

"[It] wouldn't surprise me if she became the vice presidential nominee. And the vice president [Biden] became the Secretary of State," Card said on CNN's American Morning. "That would shake things up."

Card's prediction came a day after a new Gallup Poll showed Obama would beat Clinton in a Democratic primary rematch. Talk of a potential Obama-Clinton ticket has been floating around political circles over the last several months, though neither Biden or Clinton have suggested they are interested in switching jobs.

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