Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ABC Stops Production on 'FlashForward': Is It in Trouble?

News flash: ABC's 'FlashForward' may be in trouble -- or just in need of a little tune up.

The Hollywood Reporter
is suggesting both, with news that the show is going on a short production hiatus this week.

But according to a network rep, this was something that was planned from the get-go.

Still, the news comes at a time when 'FlashForward''s ratings are beginning to fall off. The show debuted to an impressive 12.4 million viewers at the end of September; last week, the show fell to 8 million viewers total -- a series low.

A steady decline like this is something that is hard to recover from, but data also suggests that 'FlashForward' might be a popular show for DVR users. When you factor those numbers in, the show is still being watched by over 10 million every week. So, maybe it's not bad news after all.

The show's premise involves a "global flash forward," in which everyone on the planet loses consciousness for 137 seconds. During that time, characters are able to see their lives six months into the future.

Whether or not ABC is having its own "flash forward" moment here remains to be seen. But between the show's sinking audience and today's news, 'FlashForward' is already falling below expectations, expectations that were admittedly high from the start (some had predicted that it would become the next 'Lost').

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