Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Emmanuel DelCour of 'Chef Academy' Revealed as Former Porn Star

Bravo has a hit on its hands with 'Chef Academy,' so the Bravo TV Official News Site has every right to brag about the cast.

Of gorgeous French chef Emmanuel Delcour, the blog brags that in his four years living in Los Angeles, he's been full of commercial and television appearances. They say he enjoys swimming (cage-free!) with sharks, and has even served as a personal trainer.

Yeah, they ain't whistling Dixie. Because Delcour is getting Googled today more for his physical prowess out of an apron than in the kitchen.

We come to find out that Delcour is also said to be former French porn star Jean Val Jean (a Les Miz reference; how cultured!). Though the network is being a bit coy about Delcour's shady past, they are obviously pleased that it's cooking up ratings. And the word is out that Val Jean, ahem, Delcour, will reveal his past in an upcoming episode.

On the show, acclaimed chef Jean Christophe Novelli demonstrates cooking techniques and eliminates one contestant per episode. Currently, the show is moving up in the ratings. But of course, Delcour is garnering some ratings of his own, trending number one on Google, as viewers scramble to learn more about the contestant who does admit on his IMDB page that he "made a successful cross-over from modeling in straight adult entertainment."

Racier sites contain clips of Delcour describing how the French determine the perfect bra size, and many detail his specific talents in the XXX business. In this clip from 'Keeping up with the Kardashians,' Delcour apparently sticks his tongue down Khloe's throat in acting class. Judging from some of our Google searches this morning, he could have taught her a lot more.

Meanwhile, a Bravo press release delights in informing the media that, yes, its young star is "raising more than Cosette," and has a prior career in "the movies ... the grown up movies." EatMeDaily even released a video clip of the other cast members "stumbling" upon a raunchy website or two in an upcoming episode.

Whatever happens, it's clear that things will continue to heat up both inside and outside the kitchen for Emmanuel Delcour.

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