Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lambert's 'GMA' Gig Nixed After Racy AMA Performance

Adam Lambert shocked the world with his racy, pelvis-thrusting performance at the American Music Awards this weekend, and aside from just overall furor and upset viewers, it's now affecting his promotional schedule. A performance on 'Good Morning America' -- which runs on ABC, the same station that aired the AMAs -- has been called off for the former 'American Idol' star, likely as a result of the uproar he's facing this week.

ABC now claims that Lambert's sex-heavy number isn't appropriate for an early morning venue.

Lambert's ultra-risque performance drew the ire of many viewers, as ABC announced yesterday they received thousands of complaints following the number. On the West Coast, Lambert's performance was censored because it was so explicit.

During his performance of his song 'For Your Entertainment,' Lambert -- complete with bondage-styled dancers and band members -- made many squirm thanks to dancers on leashes, and thrusting the face of a male dancer into his crotch several times. He later went on to passionately kiss his keyboardist for several seconds, and gave the crowd/camera the finger in the closing moments.

Lambert, who is openly gay, responded to the controversy, telling Access Hollywood that he's "not an artist that does things for every single person," likening the censoring of his performance to "discrimination."

"If it's edited, that's discrimination. I will be a little disappointed because there is a little bit of discrimination going in this country. There's a big double standard, female pop artists have been doing things provocative like that for years, and the fact that I'm a male, and I'll be edited and discriminated against could be a problem," he said.

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