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'Biggest Loser' Season 8 Finale Recap

As promised, at the beginning of the 'Biggest Loser' finale it was revealed which of the final two women, Amanda or Liz, would become the third finalist, earning the chance to face off against Danny and Rudy for the chance at $250,000 and the title of "The Biggest Loser." After the ladies busted through their old pictures on the stage, revealing their new, slimmer figures, Alison Sweeney announced that "America's Choice" was Amanda ... again. During last season's finale, Amanda had been America's selection to go into this season of 'The Biggest Loser' -- it seemed history was repeating itself.

Regardless, though, just as in the last episode, it wouldn't have mattered which of the women made it to the finals, as neither of them came close to the overall performances of Danny and Rudy. In the end, Danny edged out Rudy by 2.5 percent total weight loss to take the crown of The Biggest Loser. Check back a little later for our interview with 'Biggest Loser' winner Danny Cahill.

Meanwhile, Danny was nearly upstaged by his former competitor, Antoine. In the middle of the show, the 23-year-old took center stage and surprised Alexandra with a marriage proposal. "I love you with all my heart," he said. "I've accomplished the impossible in my life because you were by my side. And now we're going to be able to live our lives together forever -- if you'd accept this ring." Alexandra accepted the proposal with speechless joy.

At Home Prize - $100,000
Liz was still in the running for the "At Home" prize of $100,000. In the first group of these contestants were Antoine, Alexandra, Sean and Julio. Antoine and Julio stood out particularly for their astonishing transformations. Sean revealed that he'd named his new daughter Jillian May in honor of the support and motivation Jillian Michaels gave him on the Ranch. Antoine and Alexandra confirmed that the relationship they established on the show is still going strong.

In the next group were Coach Mo, Dina, Abby and Tracey. Tracey in particular looked almost unrecognizable with her dramatic weight loss (it almost looked a bit unhealthy). On the scale, Abby was so excited about her hundred-pound weight loss she couldn't announce her own weight, as she'd told Alison she wanted to do -- and couldn't even after Ali's urging.

The final group featured Shay, Daniel, Rebecca and Allen. Rebecca sported not only a slim figure but also a new blonde, short hairstyle. In the end, she beat Tracey and Julio to take the "At Home" prize with a stunning 139-pound, 49.82% weight loss. For a list breaking down the details of all the "At Home" finalists, see below.

Of course, after two seasons on 'The Biggest Loser,' Daniel looked like a completely different person than when we first saw him at the start of the season 7. Amazingly, his total was just barely above what Danny achieved on his path to victory in Season 8 alone.

1) Rebecca: Starting weight: 279, Current: 140 (139 pounds, 49.82% weight loss)
2) Tracey: Starting weight: 250, Current: 132 (118 pounds, 47.23% weight loss)
3) Julio: Starting weight: 407, Current: 227 (180 pounds, 44.23% weight loss)
4) Antoine: Starting weight: 367, Current: 215 (152 pounds, 41.42% weight loss)
5) Abby: Starting weight: 247, Current: 147 (100 pounds, 40.49% weight loss)
6) Shay: Starting weight: 476, Current: 304 (172 pounds, 36.13% weight loss)
7) Allen: Starting weight: 325, Current: 209 (116 pounds, 35.69% weight loss)
8) Daniel*: Starting weight: 312, Current: 201 (111 pounds, 35.58% weight loss)*
9) Sean: Starting weight: 444, Current: 289 (155 pounds, 34.91% weight loss)
10) Liz: Starting weight: 267, Current: 176 (91 pounds, 34.08% weight loss)
11) Dina: Starting weight: 253, Current: 174 (79 pounds, 31.23% weight loss)
12) Alexandra: Starting weight: 309, Current: 218 (91 pounds, 29.45% weight loss)
13) Coach Mo: Starting weight: 355, Current: 263 (92 pounds, 25.92% weight loss)

*Daniel (over two seasons): Starting weight: 454, Current: 201 (253 pounds, 55.73% weight loss)

After Shay's impressive performance and inspirational journey this year, Subway offered to bring her back to the finale of season 9 to check in with her progress. For every pound that she loses from now until then, Subway will give her $1,000. "You will see Shay at 204 [pounds]," Shay vowed in astonishment.

At the finale last season, Amanda stood up against a young woman named Erin to see which one America would choose to join 'The Biggest Loser' season 8. Despite not making the show, Erin was at the finale and revealed that she's lost 70 pounds on her own.

After looking back at the journeys of the final three, Amanda joined Alison on stage for the reveals of Rudy and Danny. Rudy gave the digital composite of his heavier self a "good game" pat on the butt; he looked great, and was in good spirits.

Danny came out next, looking like a whole new man to a warm reception of hugs from Rudy and Amanda. He then revealed that his transformation has been so dramatic, people on the streets can't even recognize him from the show. As the biggest loser on campus, Danny was able to select the order of the final weigh-ins. He selected Amanda, followed by Rudy and then himself.

1) Danny: Starting weight: 430, Current: 191 (239 pounds, 55.58% weight loss)
2) Rudy: Starting weight: 442, Current: 208 (234 pounds, 52.94% weight loss)
3) Amanda: Starting weight: 250, Current: 163 (87 pounds, 34.80% weight loss)

Amanda's weight loss was again almost identical to Liz's, meaning that of the entire group she would have ranked 12th of 16. Danny and Rudy appropriately came in first and second among all contestants for the season, proving that hard work and dedication is enough to change your life forever.

Memorable Quotes From the 'Biggest Loser' Finale
Alison: (about Julio's weight loss): "What does that mean to you?"
Julio: "It means my driver's license is honest now."

The new "Couples" edition of 'The Biggest Loser' kicks off January 5, 2010.

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