Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Straight Hair Pill: Could A Good Hair Day Be a Gulp Away?

In the era of blowout bars, tourmaline flat irons, thermal straightening treatments, and more serums and sprays than one can count promising smooth, straight hair, this might be the best news many women have heard in a long time!

According to the Daily Mail, scientists have discovered a "curly gene" and are working on a pill that can make hair straighter from the inside out.

It goes the other way too -- straight-haired women (or men!) who have fantasized about cascading waves would take a curly pill.

The author of the research, Professor Nick Martin, told the Daily Mail that he "will be discussing this with a major cosmetics company in Paris in January." (Does it rhyme with Shm'Oreal?)

No duh he will!

We're sure the race is on to be the first to capitalize on this industry-changing revelation, and it probably doesn't come cheap. But considering the straightening pill could render millions of hair products and tools obsolete (and all the profits made from them!) it would be ideal to be the company to own the technology that has the potential to crush the competition.

But enough about corporate greed -- let's go back to fantasizing about what it would be like to simply swallow a pill and wake up with the hair of our dreams. It's right up there with the fantasy about being able to cure gray hair.

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