Thursday, June 10, 2010

Globe Magazine publishes Gary Coleman's deathbed pictures

Whatchutalkin' about Wilus?!

With images of Gary Coleman on his deathbed appearing on the cover of The Globe today, observers say the pictures may cause controversy -- but they sure sell papers.

"People, for some reason, are interested in dead bodies," said Brandy Navarre, vice president of the celebrity photo agency X17, which was not involved in the sale of the Coleman images. "Through life and into death, we can't get enough details about a celebrity's life. No detail is too small and we want to know everything."

The sale of the photos, reportedly by Coleman's wife Shannon Price, drew condemnation from the executor of the actor's estate, Dion Mial.

The final images of Coleman, purchased by The Globe tabloid, are not the first of their kind.

Last summer, OK! magazine came under fire for a picture of Michael Jackson being taken to the hospital on its cover. Recent pictures of celebrities after death include David Carradine in a Thai newspaper and Anna Nicole Smith all over the internet.
One of the most famous such images, showing Elvis in his casket, was published by the National Enquirer, whose parent company, American Media Inc., also owns The Globe. That 1977 Elvis issue remains the Enquirer's biggest-ever seller.

RIP Gary Coleman!

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