Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where is the Public Outrage?

Ok, so there was an Earthquake in Haiti and everyone and their mother was up in arms about how little was being done. And lets not forget Hurricane Katrina and what it did to New Orleans.

However, what about the mortgage crisis where many good hard working people lost their homes and now with the BP oil leak disaster - why wasn't or hasn't their been a rise to arms for these crisis'? I mean come on if we really think about it had we had concerts with celebs and telethons along with a PSA for every person who could to donate just $1 to a national house fund we could have saved many the loss of their homes. And with the BP disaster, where are the celebs who we normally can count on to make noise about anything and I mean anything. Heard about the tree falling in the forest and whether it truly did if nobody was there to see it happen? Well they'd make noise about even that. And yet, the Obama administration and many have chosen to take a let's wait and see attitude towards this disaster.

You would think that a country with the greatest military in the world would be able to not only cap an oil spill but do it with relative ease. But now we are going on to 47+ days of this nightmare.

AP Journalist Rich Matthews decided to take a look at what lies beneath the waters after this spill. Have a look-see for yourself and tell me that this doesn't just get you mad as well, HELL!

the article can be found at the link listed below:|main|dl1|link3|

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