Thursday, August 12, 2010

Man Up Bro!

Only a day after being ridiculed on 'The Early Show' for letting a foul ball hit his girlfriend, "The Bailer" and his girlfriend sat down with Harry Smith to discuss the young man's alleged lack of chivalry. "Now, in normal human life," Harry lectures, "If a foul ball comes your way, you know what men do? They stand up and they catch the foul ball." Boyfriend Bo Wyble explains, "I stood up to catch it and then, when it got really close I just lost sight of it, so I moved... I figured she would move."

"That's all you got!?" Smith asks, "You didn't have like a brain aneurysm?" The victim, Sara Saco-Vertiz, giggles as Harry explains that the man is supposed to catch the foul ball and gallantly hand it to the woman. When asked if they are still a couple, Sara lets out a long sigh.

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