Thursday, August 12, 2010

Regis and Kelly Word of the day: "Allegedly"

The word of the day was "Allegedly" on this morning's 'Live with Regis and Kelly.' Discussing the allegations surrounding last week's JetBlue incident, in which flight attendant Steven Slater went ballistic, Regis and Kelly discover the joy of hiding behind the ever-popular disclaimer. Reading from a newspaper, Regis reports that the unruly passenger "Brought down an overhead bin door on his head, allegedly."

That gives Kelly a great idea, "I think that we should just have the word 'allegedly' printed in the lower left-hand portion of the screen, so we're covered." Moments later, Kelly notices that the producers have done just that. "I love that word," Kelly says as she leans down to kiss it. Regis and Kelly then have a good time adding "allegedly" to the end of every sentence. "I got my hair colored last night everybody," Kelly explains, "I'm so excited about that, allegedly.

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